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25574 W. Rye Canyon Road
Valencia, CA 91355
ph. (661) 775-8820


Makers of fine brass mouthpieces and accessories, Bob Reeves mouthpieces have been consistently rated as being easy to play and having a great sound by professional players. All of our mouthpieces, whether large or small, are balanced to maximize the colors, or overtones, in the sound. Bob Reeves holds an AA degree in Arts and Engineering from China Lake Naval Ordinance Test Station where he apprenticed for 6 years as an experimental machinist and toolmaker. He then went on to work for the Eldon Benge Company. He was originally hired as a bell maker and tool maker but soon ended up building every part of the trumpet as well as assembling trumpets when needed. He also worked with Carroll Purviance where he further honed his skill as a mouthpiece maker. It was at this time that he also studied the trumpet with John Clyman, (1st trumpet, 20th Century Fox studios, 25 years) while pursuing his AA degree in Arts and Music from Los Angeles City College. ...
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